3000 - 12.5 Ga Electric Fence Crimp Sleeves

  • $859.99

30 Bottles of 12.5 GA CRIMP SLEEVES


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  • Galvanized Long Crimp sleeves are essential for securely connecting wires together.
  • These sleeves are specifically designed for use with 12.5 Ga wire and come in a convenient bottle of 100.
  • Please note that additional shipping charges may apply for deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii.


Electric fencing is a versatile tool with a wide range of uses and benefits. One of the most common reasons for using electric fencing is for animal control. It helps keep domestic animals and livestock contained while also serving other important purposes such as keeping wild animals out, separating different groups of animals, and allowing for rationing of crops and pasture.

Moreover, power fencing plays a crucial role in pasture management techniques, leading to better profitability for farmers. By using permanent or portable power fences to subdivide pasture, farmers can ensure even distribution of manure over grazing areas. This helps in keeping pastures fresh, short, and palatable, ultimately resulting in increased milk and meat production.

In addition to these advantages, power fencing is also affordable, easily constructed and maintained, durable due to low physical contact, lightweight, easily transportable, easily modified, and helps in reducing animal hide and pelt damage. It serves as a deterrent to trespassers and predators, providing convenient and economical animal control, improved pasture management, and increased profitability in farming. For a reliable solution, a Gallagher Power Fence System is highly recommended.

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