Gallagher H D Ring Top Fence Posts | 250 Pack, Free USA Shipping

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Gallagher Heavy Duty Ring Top Posts (250 Pk) 33.5 Inches Tall


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Gallagher HD Ringtop Posts

Gallagher ring top posts - Heavy Duty

 Heavy Duty Ring Top Post 

The new standard in portable electric fencing. 

Ideal for hard, stony ground and heavy cropping - Heavy duty steel shaft reduces post bending when driven into the ground 

Tough, unbendable foot plate - Foot plate can withstand 360kg of pressure so will not bend or deform 

Eliminate risk of shorting - Prevent wear through with super tough over-moulded glass filled nylon head and no metal in the post head 

Reduced chance of tangling - Unique ring top head is centered over the shaft with no protrusions or trapping points 

Easy to pull out - Ring top head creates a convenient handle for pulling the post out of the ground 

Reliable ground holding - steel foot spike prevents the post from rotating once inserted into the ground 

Gallagher Heavy Duty Ring Top posts with a head that will not wear through, a strong footplate that will not bend under pressure and a design that significantly reduces tangling, the HD Ring Top Post combines more strength with less frustration. 

Gallagher Heavy Duty Ring Top Posts
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Dimensions:  /  33.5" / 
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