1312' + 300' White Turbo Wire - Gallagher Electric Fence

Gallagher Fence Turbo Wire | White 1312' + 300'

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3/32" Turbo Wire

    -Made from 9 mixed metal strands, Gallagher's Turbo Wire has 40 times more conductivity than Poly Wire and is best suited for distances beyond 1/4 mile where extreme power is required.
    -Resistance: 130 Ohms/km - Resistance refers to the conductivity of the product. ----Low resistance (i.e. 110 Ohms/km) means higher conductivity (less resistance to the electric pulse means it can travel further down the fence line)
    -Ultra-white color makes it highly visible to both people and animals
    -Wire width is 3/32"
    -Ideal for use in windy conditions
    -Created to last from UV resistant materials

    Manufacturer's Part Number: #G620564, G62089


    Warranty: 1 year
    Product Code: G620564


    Wires, tapes and braids

    There are 12 different types of tape, wire, braid and rope in the Gallagher range. Tape is generally used where visibility is important, wire is preferable where wind or adverse weather conditions exist and braid is a woven product designed not to "tangle" or overstretch.

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