656' White Turbo Wire - Gallagher Electric Fence

Gallagher Fence Turbo Wire / 656' White

  • $53.99


3/32" Turbo Wire


  • Best suited to distances more than 1/8 mi. where extreme power is required.
  • Turbo Wire resistance is 209 Ohms/mi.
  • 40 times more conductive than standard Polywire.
  • Nine mixed-metal strands. 
  • UV-stabilized and strong for longer life.
  • Ultra white, clearly visible to animals.
  • Better than standard poliwire or poli wire

Suitable for: Sheep, Pig, Horse, Cow, Bull, Wildlife

Warranty: 1 year
Product Code: G620544

Wires, tapes and braids

There are 12 different types of tape, wire, braid and rope in the Gallagher range. Tape is generally used where visibility is important, wire is preferable where wind or adverse weather conditions exsist and braid is a woven product designed not to "tangle" or overstretch.

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