Gallagher Live Fence Indicator

  • $44.99

Gallagher Live Fence Indicator Light


High-visibility LED flashes to indicate fence is working effectively. If the voltage drops below 3,000V, the Live Fence Indicator starts to flash intermittently and if the voltage drops below 2,000V, the Live Fence Indicator will stop flashing altogether.


  • No battery required, powered by the fence (2,000V or higher)
  • Water and UV-resistant
  • Quick and easy installation, simply place ground stake in the ground and clip onto fence wire or tape
  • Low voltage cut off, so it will not flash if the fence voltage is too low


Manufacturer's Part Number: # G51100

    Weight: 0.20 (kgs) / 0.44 (lbs)
    Warranty: 1 year
    Product Code: G51100

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