Gallagher Turbo Wire Electric Poultry / Sheep Netting - 48"X164'

  • $311.10

NEW Gallagher Turbo - Wire Electric Fence Poultry Netting, Ideal for Poultry, Sheep Or Goats. 

This Poultry Netting is a 48” electrifiable prefabricated fence with 12 horizontal lines and is 164' long. Just attach a fence energizer and it's ready to keep poultry in and their predators out.

One roll weighs only 23 lbs. 

Gallagher electric poultry netting / Premier chicken net


  • 48" Electrifiable prefabricated fence with 12 horizontal lines (11 electrified)
  • Verticals spaced every 3"
  • 164' long
  • White vertical lines are welded to black and white electro-plastic horizontal lines supported by 1/2" diameter white PVC posts spaced every 8'
  • Double 6" spikes on each post for support
  • Keeps in poultry, sheep, goats and cattle (except baby chicks small enough to crawl through openings)
  • Keeps out most predators with a Gallagher energizer.

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