Gallagher Solar Panel | 20 Watt Framed

  • $349.99

20 Watt Solar Panel



  • 20 Watt
  • Powers Gallagher B280 Solar
  • Delivers maximum performance in all light conditions


Dimensions: About  20" /  17" /  2"
Product Code: AFR20

Components of a Gallagher Solar PowerFence™ system

Gallagher has a range of battery energizers that are suitable for solar installation
This can be in a portable application e.g. Powerbox B100, or a permanent application eg B700 Solar.


Solar Panel
The size of your solar panel will depend on:

  1. Energizer size and power setting.
  2. Geographic location.
  3. Level of usage: Full Year, Summer, or Spring/Summer/Autumn.

The key consideration in choosing a battery for a Solar POWER FENCE™ System is the battery type and capacity (amp hours). There must be sufficient capacity to reliably power the energizer during Winter or reduced light conditions. The recommended battery type is a deep cycle (also called leisure or marine) battery.

How to Set the Tilt Angle for the Solar Panel

  1. The solar panel should be set to face the Equator, i.e. North in Southern Hemisphere / South in Northern Hemisphere.
  2. The tilt angle of the panel is measured from the horizontal. A minimum of 15° tilt angle is recommended to minimise the build-up of dust and dirt and to allow rain to wash the surface clean.

The angle required depends on the seasonal use and the latitude of the site.

  • Full year use: Tilt = Latitude + 15°
  • Summer use: Tilt = Latitude - 12°
  • Spring/Summer/Autumn use: Tilt = Latitude + 15°

Tilt angle recommendations are shown on both sides of the Sunshine Contour maps.

Handy hint: When set correctly, the panel will create its largest shadow at midday on the shortest day of its use.

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