Gallagher S10 Solar Charger and Lead Set - 3 Mile / 15 Acre


  • $154.99

The Gallagher S10 Portable Solar Fence Charger + Fence Leads

S10 Solar Kit 0.1 Joule / 5 Acre



The Gallagher S10 offers a lightweight, portable fencing solution to meet your livestock containment needs.


  • Clean Fence: 3 miles / 15 acres - Typical Fence: 0.5 miles / 5 acres
  • Built-in solar panel charges battery for consistent, reliable fence performance
  • 0.1 Stored Joules
  • 360-degree mounting on t-post for correct orientation toward the sun
  • Battery indicator light, so you know if you have a good charge
  • High-impact, UV-resistant case for weatherproof, rust-proof and insect-proof outdoor use
  • Maintenance-free rechargeable battery included
  • Designed for all weather conditions
  • 3-year warranty


Manufacturer's Part Number: # G341404

S10 Solar with fence leads 0.1 Joule / 5 Acre  

Single Wire, No Vegetation: 15 acres / 3 miles​

​​​​​​​​​​Multiwire, Typical Vegetation:​ 5 acres / .5 miles​
​0.1 Stored Joules​​​

​​​​​Turn on and forget - Energizer will continue to work for up to 3 weeks without sun
Quick to install - can be setup easily in any location and moved about as required
Super tough, drop resistant, waterproof casing with built-in lightning protection - designed to be left outside, in all weather conditions
360 degree mounting on steel posts for correct placement toward the sun - allows the ​energizer to be mounted on a steel post that is already part of the fence line, regardless of which way the post is facing.

Gallagher S10 Solar Fence Charger

Warranty : 2 years
Stored Energy (Joules) : 0.1 Joules
Multiwire Distance Gallagher Recommended (Km/miles) : 0.5 miles / 5 acres
Output Energy (Joules) : 0.08 Joules
Height : 245mm/ 9.6"
Width or Length : 170mm/ 6.7"
Product Weight : 1.9kg/ 4.2lbs
Power Source : Rechargebale battery included

*Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 

*Fence Lead Set for easy fence connection are included.

Gallagher S10 Solar Fence Charger on farm

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