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Manufactured by a New Zealand company, Gallagher is renowned for its electric fencing accessories. This top-of-the-line voltmeter helps you identify and locate faults in the electric fence line.

3-In-1 Design – Instead of purchasing three different tools, buy this Gallagher’s tester to do the work of voltmeter, current meter, and fault finder. This versatile tool will help you measure voltage, current, and shows the direction of current flow.

Voltage Display – This versatile, pocket-sized current meter shows voltage from 10kV to 12kV in 1,000-volt increments and 100V increments under 10kV.

Battery Life- Equipped with modern micro-computer technology, it includes a 

GLR61 9 V battery. The average lifespan of this electric fence fault finder is 6-12 months. Comes with a replaceable 9V battery.

Ground Rod & Fence Stud – Each device is equipped with a ground rod and fence stud to facilitate users. Ground rod facilitates ground connection whereas a fence stud allows easy, no-fuss contact with the fence.

Auto On/Off – Armed with Auto on/off feature when fence pulse is detected. This advanced digital voltmeter has improved temperature stability, auto-on indication, and low battery condition display.


  • Versatile, portable, and easy to use
  • Do hours of work in just a few minutes
  • LCD display
  • Tough, water-resistant case.
  • Retractable voltage probe
  • Measures voltage, current, and direction of flow.


  • Inadequate or unreliable snap on the ground probe
  • coil cord keeps tangling
  • The feature that displays the direction of current leakage does not always respond.

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