Cattle sorting left to the police

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We are very thankful for the relationships we have with our local ranching community. From providing cattle training to jumping in to lend a helping hand at a moments notice.

cattle sorting tool paddle

Prime example, yesterday Officer Jeremy Carabajal was dispatched to loose cows on Sandy Mush Road. Officer Carabajal arrived to the scene and found three cows roaming around in the road way. A valiant effort was made, but Officer Carabajal was unable to secure the cattle. A quick call was made to our good friend, Bob Erickson, and it was not long before Joey Cozzi from Dos Palos Y Auction arrived and stepped in to assist. Mr. Cozzi provided Officer Carabajal with an orange rattle paddle to persuade the cows to do the right thing! Not sure Officer Carabajal was doing it right but he still managed to corral the cows using a Gallagher Sorting Paddle, which is available from Valley Farm Supply

livestock sorting paddle tool

We’d like to thank Mr. Erickson, Mr. Cozzi and all the ranching community. Without our relationship with these amazing partners we would not have the knowledge and ability to handle these types of call’s expeditiously.

cattle sorting paddle stick

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