Electric fence is easy thing to understand for most people.

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If you keep it simple and remember the basics you will get along fine with your new project. Most farms in United States with livestock have Electric fence somewhere on the property. Electric fence works as a psychological barrier and not a physical barrier keep livestock contained and safe.

The first thing to remember is that there are basically three parts to an electric fence.


  1. The first item you will need isn’t Energizer or electric fence charger. If you visit our website you will see we have many models to choose from including mains powered battery powered or solar powered energizers.


If you decide to use an electric fence charger powered by a 110 and 10 V AC current outlet is important to remember to use a surge protector.

If you’re using a battery power unit be sure to select the appropriate size battery for the energize you will need. A deep cycle marine battery is the preferred battery to purchase. You can pick these up at any local big box stores.

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If you plan on having your electric fence set up in a remote area a sewer powered fence charger may be the best option for you. Solar powered energizers use the suns energy and keep a battery charged that powers the unit itself.


  1. The second part of an electric fence’s defense itself this will consist of wire, posts, and electric fences for layers. All these items can be purchased from our online store which is www.Gallagherandelectricfencing.com. Offenses will be different so you are will have to plan out your own design on your own please select the appropriate products you will need from our website based on that kind of posts you use how long you want the fence to be up and the train of your farm or ranch.


  1. Lastly, you need a good ground or Earth system for your electric fence. A series of ground rods in the soil Will work as an antenna to catch the electric fence charge as it goes from the fence charger through the fence wire into an animal that touches the fence through the ground and back to the ground rod and completes a circuit. That is the basics of how electric fence works all your are really doing is completing a circuit from the fence charger through the wire into the animal and back to the fence charger through the ground.


For more formation please visit one of our websites such as www.Gallagherelectricfence.comor www.ValleyFarmsupply.comfor all the information you’ll need for the best products at the lowest prices with the faster shipping available.

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