Grazing Demo Days on the Farm

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North Jersey Resource, Conservation, and Development (RC&D) Council is joining with local business and farmers to host a grazing demo day from 9am-12:30pm at Lima Family Farms in Hillsborough, NJ. We will be discussing temporary fencing, rotational grazing, and seeding with local farmers. To learn more about the conference visit


We recently purchased a large amount of Gallagher fencing for our try before you buy fence lending program. Our program has been extremely popular and we are pleased to offer local farmers the opportunity to try new equipment. We are looking forward to our upcoming grazing demo day and showing Gallagher electric fence products. We want this day to be an opportunity for people to see the latest and most modern electric fence supplies offered.


We hope you’ll join our estimated 50+ attendees by partnering as a sponsor. Your support of the conference will connect you to our growing community of farmers and agricultural educators .We are setting aside 30-45 minutes during the event for participants to meet and talk with sponsors. This is an opportunity to show case Electric fencing equipment and supplies, so attendees can take advantage of Gallagher products and services.

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