Why is Lightning Protection important for Electric Fence Chargers

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One of the challenges of electric fencing is protecting the energizer from lightning strikes. Lightning can strike one of the wires and the electricity will travel through the fencing system to the energizer.

Here are a few methods to help prevent burning down a building and prevent damage to the energizer.

  1. Install the energizer on a post outside of, but near the building with the power supply. Cover the energizer to protect from the weather.
  2. Use a good quality surge protector. Many times, the power surge that damages the energizer comes from the electrical supply rather than through the fence system.
  3. Install a lightning choke or lightning coil that will stop the lightning strike from getting to the energizer. The premise of these is that the electricity from the lightning strike travels so quickly into the choke or coil that it “jumps” off the system.
  4. Connect all the electrified wires to the grounding system or the lightning arrestors.
  5. Unhook the energizer from the fence system whenever severe storms are forecast.

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