Gallagher MBS2800i Charger & Remote Control / Fault Finder - 250 Mile / 1500 Acre

  • $1,817.98

MBS2800i - 28 Joule AC/DC/Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger / Energizer + Remote 


mb2800 and remote control fence charger



Gallagher's MBS2800i Energizer allows you to quickly and easily monitor your fence performance, informing you of any problems immediately, so you can take action to protect your livestock and land in the event of a fence breach.


  • Clean Fence: 250 miles / 1,500 acres - Typical Fence: 50 miles / 1,000 acres
  • Energizer Controller - provides total peace of mind that your fence is working correctly. The Controller shows all of your fence performance information (e.g. voltage, faults and location) in one convenient separate display box that can be located up to 160’ away from the Energizer.
  • 28 Joules of stored energy
  • Energy efficient – adjusts its power output to suit your fence conditions and minimize power consumption
  • Power your fence, your way – mains, battery or solar. Energizer comes complete with a mains and battery lead set for all power source options (battery and solar panel sold separately for battery and solar powered solutions)
  • Smart battery management - reduces pulse rate and output energy to manage battery life and ensure 24/7 stock control
  • Compliance with latest UL Standards guarantees safety and reliability
  • Quick scan LED fence performance lights
  • 3-year warranty

Energizer Controller Features:

  • Easily monitor and control fence performance
  • Mount in a convenient location for easy access of fence performance information
  • View fence and zone performance at a glance
  • Turn energizer ON/OFF from controller
  • Fully waterproof

Manufacturer's Part Number: # G315514

Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 




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    Warranty 3 Years
    Stored Energy 28 Joules
    Clean Wire Fence Distance 250 Miles / 1,500 Acres
    Typical Fence Distance 50 Miles / 1,000 Acres
    Output Energy 15.5 Joules
    Height 8.7"
    Width or Length 13.6"
    Depth 3.5"
    Product Weight 8.4 lbs
    Watts 15 Watts

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