50 Gallagher H.D. Tread-In Electric Fence Posts

  • $234.50




You're buying a box of 50, UV-stabilized plastic tread-ins with up to 12 lugs for positioning wires and tape to control domestic and wild animals.

  • The plastic tread-ins, which are UV-stabilized and equipped with up to 12 lugs, are ideal for managing a variety of animals, whether domestic or wild.
  • These tread-ins are specifically crafted for easy setup - simply insert them into the ground.
  • Their specially designed lugs can firmly accommodate Polywire or Poly Tape measuring up to 1 1/2" in width.
  • Their prominent white color ensures visibility, while the durable, UV-resistant polymer material guarantees a lengthy lifespan.
  • Each tread-in stands at 42" tall, including the spike, and utilizing two of them can establish a secure corner for your fencing requirements.

A diverse range of UV-resistant portable fencing posts are available, offering up to 12 lugs for effortless placement of wires and tape to effectively manage both domestic and wild animals. These durable posts are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a reliable solution for controlling animal movements. For example, farmers can use these posts to create temporary enclosures for grazing animals or to section off specific areas for rotational grazing. Additionally, wildlife conservationists can utilize them to create barriers to protect sensitive habitats from encroaching animals. The versatility of these posts makes them a valuable tool for various applications in agriculture and wildlife management. Studies have shown that proper fencing can significantly reduce conflicts between humans and wildlife, ultimately leading to a more harmonious coexistence. By investing in quality fencing posts like these, users can effectively address their animal management needs while promoting safety and sustainability.


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