6 Rolls of Gallagher 48"X164' Electric Fence Poultry Netting

  • $1,866.60


6 Rolls of Gallagher 48" X 164' electric fence netting, Ideal for Goats, Sheep and Poultry

6 ROLLS OF 48"X 164'



  • ​​48" Electrifiable prefabricated fence with 12 horizontal lines (11 electrified)
  • Verticals spaced every 3"
  • 164' long
  • White vertical lines are welded to black and white electro-plastic horizontal lines supported by 1/2" diameter white PVC posts spaced every 8"
  • Double 6" spikes on each post for support
  • Keeps in poultry, sheep, goats and cattle (except baby chicks small enough to crawl through openings)
  • Keeps out most predators with a Gallagher energizer
  • BUY 6 Rolls and Save!
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  • Free Energizer shipping in USA!!!
  • *Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 


Electric netting combines traits of net-wire and electric fencing, providing a formidable mental and physical barrier in a portable format suitable for temporary or semi-permanent fencing of pastures. It is constructed of polywires and plastic twines. 

Netting is lightweight and easy to install. Compared to other temporary fences, electric netting provides greater protection from predators. However, with electric netting, there is some risk of animal entanglement, especially young lambs and animals with horns.

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