4 Rolls Gallagher 35"X164' Sheep Electric Fence Net + S200 Energizer + Ground

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Sheep & Goat Electric Fence Netting Starter Kit | 4 Rolls 35" X164' Electronet w/Struts, S200 Solar Energizer, and T Handle Ground Rod 

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A great sheep or goat netting starter kit.

You get 4 Rolls of White Gallagher 35"x164' electric netting, a S200, Self Contained, Solar Fence Charger, and a T-handle ground rod.

Ideal for goats, sheep, pets, wildlife or around a garden.

A pre-built barrier with 9 flat strings (8 conductive); stands at 35" when set up, with large vertical white plastic supports every 12". The mesh includes white PVC posts every 12.5'. Once activated, it forms a nearly impenetrable barrier for sheep, goats, coyotes, and dogs. The contrasting black and white hues ensure visibility 24/7 for humans and animals against various backgrounds.

Each Sheep/Goat Netting kit Contains:

  • ​​3 rolls of 35" x 164' netting
  • 8 conductive horizontal wires
  • White plastic vertical struts every 12 inches
  • Double spiked posts
  • Netting complete with all posts, just unfold and set up the posts
  • Impenetrable mesh fencing for sheep, goats, coyotes and dogs
  • BUY the kit and Save!
  • S200, Self Contained, Solar Fence Charger 
  • Includes T Handle Ground Rod.
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  • Free Energizer shipping in USA!!! 
  • *Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 
The electric mesh discussed in the text provides a versatile and convenient solution for safeguarding a variety of animals and gardens. It is a simple and efficient option for protecting sheep, goats, pets, and gardens from unwanted intruders. Constructed with strong stainless steel wire for conductivity and durability, along with polyethylene for longevity, this mesh acts as a reliable barrier against animals like rabbits and dogs, as well as for shielding gardens, flower beds, and newly planted areas from pests.

This portable fencing choice merges the advantages of net-wire and electric fencing, presenting a dependable solution for temporary or semi-permanent fencing requirements. Its lightweight design and straightforward installation process make it a practical option for different environments. While offering increased protection against predators, it is crucial to be mindful of the potential risk of animal entanglement, particularly for young lambs and horned animals.


Gallagher Electric Fence Manual Download 


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