440 Gallagher Double Foot Electric Fence Tread-in Posts

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440 Pack Bundle of 39" Gallagher Double Foot Tread-in Electric Fence Posts


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The sturdy plastic stake, which measures 39 inches in length, boasts 9 numbered lugs designed to accommodate a wide range of animal species. It is fully compatible with Turbo, Polywire, and tape that is up to half an inch in width. The innovative twist 'n lock mechanism guarantees a simple and reliable attachment process. This stake is ideal for use with polywire, poliwire, or poli wire fencing systems. Please note that there may be additional shipping charges for deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii.

Furthermore, this versatile post is crafted from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity in various weather conditions. Its 9 numbered lugs provide clear guidance on where to position the electric fence wires for optimal performance. The compatibility with different types of fencing materials, such as Turbo, Polywire, and tape, offers flexibility and convenience for farmers and ranchers.

In addition to its practical design, the twist 'n lock system simplifies the installation process, allowing users to securely attach the fencing wires with ease. This user-friendly feature enhances efficiency and reduces the time spent on setting up the electric fence. Moreover, the stake's 39-inch length provides ample height for the wires to effectively deter animals from crossing the boundary.

When considering the shipping of this durable plastic stake, it is important to note that additional fees may apply for deliveries to certain locations, such as Alaska and Hawaii. These charges ensure that the product reaches its destination promptly and in optimal condition, providing customers with peace of mind during the ordering process.

Dimensions: 39" from Spike 
Colors: White
Product Code: G72413

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