4 Rolls 35"X164' Gallagher Sheep Electric Fence Netting

  • $829.99

 4 Rolls 35" X 164' Electro-net w/Struts Sheep and Goat Electric Fence Netting

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Opt for the Gallagher electric fence netting, a purchase that includes 4 rolls of robust and effective fencing, perfectly suited for sheep, goats, pets or even for demarcating your garden area.

This pre-assembled fence boasts 9 horizontal twines, 8 of which are conductive, and stands at a height of 35" once installed. Every 12", you'll find large white plastic vertical struts, and every 12.5', there are built-in white PVC posts within the mesh.

When the fence is energized, it forms a nearly unbeatable barrier against sheep, goats, coyotes, and dogs. Its distinctive black and white design provides round-the-clock visibility to both humans and animals, ensuring it stands out against any background, whether light or dark.


Each Sheep/Goat Netting Contains:

  • ​​35" x 164' Roll
  • 8 conductive horizontal wires
  • White plastic vertical struts every 12 inches
  • Double Spiked Posts
  • Roll complete with all posts, just unfold and set up the posts
  • Impenetrable mesh fencing for sheep, goats, coyotes and dogs
  • BUY 4 Rolls and Save!
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  • *Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 
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The electric netting described in the input is a versatile and convenient solution for protecting various animals, gardens, and other areas. It offers a quick and easy setup, making it ideal for keeping sheep, goats, pets, and gardens safe. The netting delivers a harmless yet effective shock when connected to an energizer, effectively deterring unwanted pests.

This type of fencing is great for containing a wide range of animals, from rabbits to dogs, and can also serve as a protective barrier for gardens, flower beds, and newly planted areas. The durable stainless steel wire woven with polyethylene ensures reliable conductivity, while the design prevents shorting out by omitting wire from the vertical and bottom strands.

Electric netting combines the benefits of net-wire and electric fencing, providing a strong mental and physical barrier in a portable format suitable for temporary or semi-permanent fencing of pastures. Constructed of polywires and plastic twines, the netting is lightweight and easy to install, offering superior protection from predators compared to other temporary fences. However, there is a risk of animal entanglement, especially for young lambs and animals with horns.



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