8 Rolls 35"X164' Gallagher Sheep Electric Fence Netting

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 8 Rolls 35" X 164' Electro-net w/Struts Sheep and Goat Electric Fence Netting

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  • You are buying 8 rolls of Gallagher electric fence netting offers a reliable and versatile solution for your animal enclosure requirements.
  • This netting is specially crafted for use with sheep, goats, pets, or to safeguard your garden from unwelcome guests.
  • It provides a secure perimeter that is simple to set up and highly efficient in ensuring the safety and containment of your animals.
  • With its sturdy build and electric charge capabilities, it acts as a potent deterrent against predators while enabling your animals to freely roam within the designated space.
  • Whether you are an experienced farmer looking to enhance your livestock management system or a backyard gardener aiming to shield your plants from hungry intruders, this netting offers a flexible and customizable answer.
  • Its versatility makes it suitable for various uses, guaranteeing that it meets your specific requirements.
  • Apart from its practicality, Gallagher electric fence netting is supported by a history of proven performance and dependability.
  • With a proven track record of success in agricultural environments globally, this product has gained the confidence of farmers and gardeners alike.
  • Investing in this netting signifies investing in the safety and protection of your animals and crops.
  • Ultimately, opting for Gallagher electric fence netting is a choice that provides peace of mind and ensures the welfare of your livestock and plants.
  • Select quality, select reliability, select Gallagher.

The pre-made barrier outlined is crafted with 9 flat cords horizontally, with 8 being conductive. It rises to a height of 35 inches once set up and showcases large vertical white plastic supports every 12 inches. White PVC columns are merged into the netting at intervals of 12.5 feet. When turned on, this enclosure creates a nearly impassable obstacle for sheep, goats, coyotes, and dogs. The contrasting black and white hues guarantee visibility at all times, making it easily identifiable against various backgrounds, whether light or dark.

Each Sheep/Goat Netting Contains:

  • ​​35" x 164' Roll
  • 8 conductive horizontal wires
  • White plastic vertical struts every 12 inches
  • Double Spiked Posts
  • Roll complete with all posts, just unfold and set up the posts
  • Impenetrable mesh fencing for sheep, goats, coyotes and dogs
  • BUY 5 Rolls and Save!
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  • *Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 
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The electric netting described here is a versatile and convenient solution for protecting various animals and gardens. It is quick to set up and provides a harmless yet effective shock when connected to an energizer. The design with horizontal strands of durable stainless steel wire woven with polyethylene ensures reliable conductivity, while the absence of wire in the vertical and bottom strands prevents shorting out.

This electric netting serves as an excellent barrier for keeping animals like rabbits and dogs contained, as well as safeguarding gardens, flower beds, and other areas from unwanted pests. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to install and move around as needed. While it offers superior protection against predators compared to other temporary fences, there is a slight risk of animal entanglement, particularly for young lambs and horned animals.

Overall, this portable electric fencing solution strikes a balance between mental and physical barriers, making it suitable for temporary or semi-permanent use in pastures.



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