Gallagher Screw-On Rod Fence Insulators | 1250 Pack

  • $779.50

1250 Gallagher Screw-On Rod Insulators


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Ideal for use in temporary electric fencing with round posts from 1/4" to 5/8" in diameter.


  • Buy 1250 Rod Post Screw-On Claw Insulators (item 45086) and save!
  • Made from sunlight resistant plastic
  • Easy to install and adjust using the locking tab
  • Convenient to use when more than one wire is required to hold stock
  • 10-year warranty


Manufacturer's Part Number: #G65514

Weight: 0.02 (kgs) / 0.05 (lbs)
Warranty: 10 years
Colors: white
Product Code: G65514

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