Gallagher Wood Post Wide Claw Fence Insulators

  • $26.29

Gallagher Wood Post Wide Jaw Claw Insulator



  • Specifically designed for Gallagher EquiFence™ , equibraid, or rope.
  • For permanent power fencing.
  • Easily attached to wooden posts.
  • Extra large shield eliminates power leakage through tracking.
  • Ribbed design for extra strength when stapled to post.
  • New flexible jaws for quick release of wire if an animal collides with the fence.
  • Substantial clearance from wire to post to ensure no power leakage.
  • Made from UV resistant, polyethylene plastic for strength and long life.
  • 25 Pack
  • G676044


Weight: 0.02 (kgs) / 0.04 (lbs)
Warranty: 10 years
Colors:  black
Product Code: G676044

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