Gallagher 20 Watt Solar Panel / Bracket Kit for MBS Charger

Gallagher Electric Fencing | Valley Farm Supply Superstore

  • $381.59

Gallagher MBS Energizer,  20 Watt Solar Panel Kit

Fits MBS 200, MBS 400, and MBS 800

Includes Panel and Bracket

solar panel and bracket kit

20 Watts of Efficient Solar Conversion 

Easy set up and connect you MBS Energizer to the panel

Multiple Mounting Options - Bracket system designed for maximum mounting flexibility. Works with a wooden post, rails or steel mounting pole. 

Easy Installation - Quick and simple to install. Includes a simple angle adjustment. 

Reliability - Solar panel kits have been tested extensively. Can be mounted on wood rails, posts or steel posts. 

G49521  MBS solar panel 20 watt

20 Watt Solar Panel and Bracket Kit


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