Gallagher MBS400 Charger - 60 Mile / 280 Acre

  • $503.99

MBS400 Multi-Powered Fence Charger / Energizer




 4 Stored Joules 

Clean Fence: 60 miles/280 acres 

Typical Fence: 20 miles/120 acres 


The new Gallagher MBS 400 Energizer provides a superior and convenient animal control solution. Superior performance in all operating modes with reliable fence voltage irrespective of your power source.

Fast, flexible installation makes it easy to set up portable and permanent installations in any location. Can be used in the harshest of farming conditions with its portable, water-resistant case and built-in lightning protection.

All lead sets included - 110V, battery and fence lead sets all included with the Energizer. 3-year warranty.

Gallagher MBS400 Multi-Powered Fence Charger / Energizer

* Clean Fence: 
* Typical Fence: 20 miles/120 acres
* Battery - 110V – Solar/battery
* LED bar graph indicates your battery status
* Smart battery management algorithm protects the battery from being over discharged and permanently damaged

MBS400 Multi-Powered Gallagher Fence Charger / Energizer

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